Testimonials - Chris Wieters

Dear Dr. Brad,

I entered your office for the first time on January 5th, and again on January 15th. Both experiences were excellent examples of how a professional practice should operate. Your office is doing a great job. Keep up the good work!


Chris Wieters


Testimonial - Boys and Girls Club

Dear Dr. Roberson & Staff:

On behalf of the hundreds of youth who particpate in the programs of the Boys and Girls Club of Central Georgia. the staff and the Board of Directors would like to thank you for the dental check-ups and education program that you held at each one of our 5 Boys & Girls Club locations during the past several months. The young people received valuable information concerning their oral hygiene that will impact their health now and in the future.

This gift, along with others like it, helps create a "positive place for kids". As we continue our mission "to inspire and enable our youth to become resposible citizens who will continue generations of preparing youth", we truly appreciate the generosity and thoughtfulness shown by you when selecting the Boys and Girls Clubs as the recipient of your services.

It is only through the concern of you and otherslike you that we can continue our efforts. We hope you find occasion in the future to remember our kids again.


Angela Wilson
Director of School Initiatives

Testimonials - Georgia Dental Association

Dear Dr. Roberson:

On behalf of the Georgia Dental Association, I send warm accolades to you for the generous volunteer efforts you extended to the children at the Boys and Girls Club in east Macon. Enclosed for your records is a copy of the article from the February 10, 2003 issue of the Macon Telegraph.

We are always delighted to see dentists receiving recognition in their community newspapers, and it is with great pride that our association recognized your extraordinary service. The kindness you extended to these children speaks volumes about you, both personally and professionaly.

Thank you again for the many services you lend to your community, the dental profession, and our association. Your volunteerism does not go unnoticed. It continues to impact your community in the most positive ways possible. Sincerely,

Nelda Greene
Associate Executive Director Georgia Dental Association


Testimonial - Nicki Freeman

I just wanted to let you guys know that every experience I have with y'all is extraordinary! From Vicki at the front, to Drs. at the final steps, your whole staff is always so kind, patient, and always has a smile to bring! I appreciate all that you do and I can't imagine going to any other dental office!

Love y'all!
Nicki Freeman


Testimonial - The Olivers

We just wanted to say thank you for all you have done for Chad and myself. We are truly amazed at the way you all treat your patients. You are all filled with compassion and thoughtfulness, and we greatly appreciate it! Thank you all once again.

The Olivers


Testimonial - Robert Hubbard

I really thank you for the beautiful job you did on my teeth. You know how to make a man smile again.

Thank you,
Robert Hubbard


Testimonial - Mr. and Mrs. Palmer

Of course it goes without saying, we think you are the best dentist in Georgia!!!!!! Have a happy holiday and new year.

The Palmers


Testimonial - Lesley Maginas

Thank you so much for your input. I was very impressed but not surprised to hear directly from you. Either way, I'll get in touch with your fabulous office staff in regards to our xrays. Thanks again for your help! We still tell our Macon friends that y'all are the best!

Lesley Maginas


Testimonial - Pat McGoldrick

Dear Dr. Brad:

When I left your office the other day, I was thinking about the attention you had given me when I was "in the chair". I wanted you to know, from a patient's perspective, that your care and attention is greatly appreciated. I have confidence in you, and I know I'm in good hands. That's a good feeling.

As I thought about writing a note to you, it dawned on me that there were some other things I wanted to tell you. My observation over the past two years is that you have been very successful as a business owner. You have managed to buy a large dental practice and retain the patients. You have kept the former owners happy, and it's obvious your staff is happy. They treat your patients very well, and make a trip to the dentist an enjoyable experience. So, congratulations on your hard work and success.

The last thing I'd like to share is that I'm honored to have been a part of what you have accomplished. I enjoy working with you, and I appreciate the confidence you have shown in me.

Warmest personal regards,

Pat McGoldrick
President of Rivoli Bank and Trust


Testimonial - Caroline Ray

You're the best!

You're the best dentist in the world!

You're the best dentist I've ever had.

I love you with all my heart.

I love coming to see you and Mrs. Michelle.

I love you!

Love, Caroline Ray


Testimonial - Jane Hall

Dear Ingleside Dental Practice,

First, let me tell you that I know thank you notes are supposed to be hand-written in black ink. (My mama raised me right!) I can no longer write very legibly, so I hope you'll forgive me and give Mama credit.

Thom and I came to your office to see Dr. Mattox a number of years ago after having a horrible experience with a young woman who bought our dentist's practice. Thom thought he had TMJ and had been in pain a long time. He'd been back to see her countless times. Dr. Wilson who had practiced in Warner Robbins before going with Juvenile Justice said Dr. Mattox was the best person she knew in the area of TMJ. He saw Thorn, told him he didn't have TMJ and we've been there ever since.

I am 61 and have lived a bunch of places. As a consequence, I have been to bunches of medical folk. You are the nicest group of people I've ever been tended by-all of you. Thom agrees.

Regardless of the size of the practice, you know us; y'all seem to know everybody. You emanate an atmosphere of joy-you're happy to be there, happy to be together, happy to be helping people. We have referred a lot of folks and never had a person who was not pleased.

So, thank you. Keep doing what you're doing and when you have one of those days, know lots of folks appreciate you!

Love, Jane and Thom Hall

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